Quality control carried out directly in the manufacturing plant.

The forming process, manufacturing technology, the full metal skeleton and the ingredients that make up the TPE used to cover the adult doll dress by us are the secrets that are protected by our love doll real team.

Our TPE adult doll dress is made of high quality and long lasting material. Its material is TPE cyberskin (derived from silicone) adult size sex dolls and a durable, modern, highly resistant metal skeleton.

Manufacturing processes that are manually ch computer simulated sex ecked and validated for each unit.

Each phase of manufacturing follows a very specific manufacturing protocol. Its purpose is tpr material price to provide clients with the best in the market in terms of aesthetic, pleasure, cost and realism.
This approach focuses on the following when implementing a detailed and thorough quality control process for each model of Love Doll shipped from the f harmony sex actory: :

-adult doll dress molding quality

- Quality of TPE skin in terms of elastic human sex toy ity, suppleness and softness

-Real quality of TPE love doll

- Is the adult doll dress TPE skin close to the skeleton

- The quality of each joint of the metal skeleton (neck, knee, elbow, wrist, etc.)

- Quality of facial details (eyes, mouth, eyelashes, eyebrows, ears, etc.)

- whether the body and face (head) are firmly connected

This quality/compliance check is performed directly in the factory workshop after the TPE doll i adult doll dress love s manufactured. Validate each stage using photos and videos to track each check.
The Love Doll is a compliance check to ensure that what is being shipped is the item ordered, and t anime sexdolls hen packaged in a reinforced package and then shipped out.

Photos after quality control process.

Here are the photos taken in our manufacturing workshop. These photos are used to verify the production quali chinese blow up doll ty and compliance of TPE dolls.

Comment: You will notice the presence of talcum powder in order to keep the adult doll dress at its optimum freshne futuristic sex robot ss. TPE dolls are completely cleaned before shipping.

adult doll dress body molding

Body sex doll factory pics

In this phase, everything is monitored. TPE skin should be soft, seamless, smo free virtual sex simulator oth and even. Especially carefully the hands and feet are inspected. In the manufacturing process, skeletons are connected and arranged. The result is a few small filling points that ar rubber sex toy e not considered manufacturing defects. Take great care so that there are no bubbles or tears in the whole body.

Monitor the skeleton and joints of the adult doll dress.

In this phase, everything is monitored. The joints, such as the neck, w full body love doll rist, knee and shoulder, are inspected according to the procedure of finishing testing. doll love silicone This is a photo that examines TPE molding and arm joints in armpit sexrobot positions.

Check the realism and placement of the opening of the love doll.

During this phase, the placement and positioning of the opening (vagina/anus) of the TPE labodol is carefully performed. This is a photo when you are valid expensive sex dolls ating this phase of the test procedure.

Sex doll - Quality control

Monitor your face and compliance to see if they are correct.

Compliance checks are the final phase of verification of the manufacturing process. Carefully check the compatibility of ordere japanimation love doll d and manufactured models of love dolls. Take advantage of this phase to check the connection of facial details (eyes, eyelashes, companion robot eyebrows, ears, nose, etc.) with the already checked body.

Here is a photo of Lily and Kate model after the compliance check.


Head Sex Doll

It takes about 20 days to customize your love doll and deliver it to your home. Our customer service is also available for other requests.