160CM to 169CM

Thanks to the best creative adult doll dress maker at the moment, very realistic love dolls are also used to posing in underwear, sexy lingerie or naked. If you are passionate a sex with doll videos bout photography, do not miss the unique opportunity to make sex love doll sex toy y models available 24/7. Not only the artistic side of your adult sexy doll, you will also get a very happy reward from your ideal female se love doll videos x partner. There are many options to customize your ideal Dutch Wife (skin color, eye male blow up dolls s, hair, etc.) to help you realize this project. The best brands such as adult love doll, YlDoll, Sedoll, DollForever and others are sold here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

160CM to 169CM

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Showing 1 to 30 items of 36


Silicone doll is very popular in 2020. Thousands of combinations are possible, so you can create a love doll that will fulfill all your desires hidden deep in your heart. On this page we introduce all Love Doll bodies from 160cm to 169cm from all manufacturers. If you only want to see specific man my love doll ufacturers or only see dolls with a specific weight, try the selection filter. playing with sex doll

Our Love Doll Store allows you to create your ideal doll yourself. More than 500 faces from Asia, Europe, the United States and Africa can be connected to the adult doll dress bodies on this page. You can select and adjust the following features: :

  • The size of the body
  • chest cup size
  • Body and face skin color
  • hair, eyes
  • Color of vagina and nipples
  • Types of hair removal in the bikini line

Here's a summary of the features of talking blow up doll adult doll dress you will buy.

Total realism option

Add a few options to make your love doll more realistic. :

  • - Body temperature function that can reproduce real female body temperature
  • - Respond to your caresses and insertions, w blow up doll for men histling function
  • - Vagina that can use water or saliva as a lubricant
  • - Realistic makeup that can also reproduce burn marks and visible veins on swimwear

Carefully selected by a team of experts in France, the manufacturer promises incredible experiences in amazing pleasure a adult doll dress co nd realism. With the latest technological innovations such as bumpy vagina and anal inserts that bring you the pleasure of orgasm, you will get the same pleasure as real sex.

I can't lose on delivery time

The average delivery time for Love Dolls purchased at Love Doll Store is about 4 weeks. This period may vary depending on the brand and the customization options selected. Each model is manufactured individually, after which makeup is applied, inspected, realdoll videos and then shipped so that it is unsure of its con life size human doll tents. Dolls are manufactured in their original manufacturing facility. We can also attach a certificate of authenticity to all models if requested by customers.