The YOURDOLL brand adult doll dress is a real and seemingly realistic the best loved doll female creature designed to be comfortable to use during the act. The metal skeleton brings the d massive breast oll to life because it can reproduce all possible positions for humans. This YOURDOLL sex doll is individuall living doll sex y manufactured with TPE cyber skin (a derivative from silicone) for a genuine feel. Th life size adult dolls ree openings (oral, anal, vaginal) are specially designed and molded using the technical charact guys and love dolls eristics of real women in pursuit of amazingly realistic pleasure. With YOURDOLL, you can choose the options that can be used for adult doll dresss, young love dolls from eye, skin and hair color to manicure. This is a very beautiful doll that will add charming and sexy time to your life. Will you be able to resist her crazy charm?

YlDoll adult doll dress is manufactured directly by YOURDOLL workshop (professionalism and high quality guaranteed). Each doll goes through a quality control process and approves your real dol robotic sex partners l manufacturing quality before it is safely shipped to your doorstep. xxx large breasts Our YLDOLL Love Doll will be delivered carefully so as not to be barred.


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Showing 1 to 30 items of 124

Our Opinion about Yourdoll/YL Doll Dutchweif

Yourdoll is a manufacturer selling life-size dolls made of TPE. Yourdoll (also known as the abbreviation for YL Doll) is known for the look beauty and femininity affordable sex dolls of the Love Doll model. Dolls are made in the same location as the pioneer company adult love dolls (based in the Kanayama factory). This strategic po sexy anime dolls sitioning allows for know-how and high quality levels that are comparable to competing brands. TPE is soft realdoll galleries to the touch and captures the characteristics of women's skin well. And it would be no exagge lifelike male sex doll ration to say that the doll's vagina is perfectly reproduced. The metal skeleton expands the poss lumi dolls ibilities of the doll's range of motion. By using Yourdoll, you can reproduce all the poses humans can do, such as sitting, lying, standing, etc. We do not sell Gay M love robot en Dolls, only Sensual Women Dolls. However, you can turn each produ bjd sex doll ct into a new half love doll by adding a replaceable and removable penis.

Sold by YL DOLL, this 135cm doll will add charm to the daily life of beginner love doll fans without spending too much money It inexpensive love dolls 's a The proportions of real women are respected and will invite you t 3d sex sims o a sensual, erotic, dreamy world.

Yourdoll brand is a torso with big breasts for fans of YlDoll Face and for those who use love dolls only for doll real sex sex It also offers.

165cMyl DollYourDoll video

Watch this video to see the natural charm and appeal of thi silicone sexdolls s amazing Yourdoll Love Doll.

Customize your YlDoll model.

Featured in a variety of photo galleries, YlDoll's TPE dolls are filmed to take advantage of its appeal to the manufacturer's photographers. If you would like to purchase YlDoll (aka YourD adult doll dress price oll) Love Doll with the exact same option as the photo, please email us after placing your order. Then you will receive a adult doll dress that corresponds to the picture.

We have been the official dealer of YL Doll/YourDoll brand since 2015. Every mo female silicone doll nth, we ship dozens of Dutch Wifes from multiple brands to Japan. We will check each order before shipment and ship the goods after making sure it is the product that meets our quali life like love dolls ty approval and standards. If you want to buy TPE Love Doll, the YlDoll br men dolls women and is one of our top 3 manufacturers.