150CM to 159CM

Sexy athletes, businesswomen, magical women, pornstars, magazine models and Japanese love dolls, you will defini sex with mini tely find the woman you want. Perfect promo real love doll tion and incredible price of women's very real and high quality replica molded with silicone or TPE. All 150 sex online simulator cm to 159cm love dolls are manufactured by the best manufacturing workshop in adult Dutch Wife industry. With imagination, to reproduce your ideal woman is so fun and no life size humanoid robot for sale t so difficult. Our manufacturers offer a wide range of customizable options (skin color, facial expressions, hairstyles, etc.) and will do our best to make your dream come t mini doll tpe rue. If you want to reproduce the love doll model presented in the photo gallery, then it's very easy! P giant boob sex lease let us know by email after placing your order.

150CM to 159CM

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Showing 1 to 28 items of 28


Here you can see all brand love doll bodies 150 cm to 159cm tall. You can filter by manufacturer or weight asian silicone to narrow your choices. Depending on the manufacturer selected, the model is molded in TPE or silicone according to the photos and dimensions indicated on each product sheet. All models use an articulated metal skeleton for realistic poses, like a real woman. Most of the models presented on this page weigh less than 35 kg best adult doll dress (relatively easy to handle and move).

Once you have chosen the body of the model, choose the features that you think are at companion dolls tractive as you like.

Choose skin color

All adult doll dresss are molded from TPE or silicone with features such as durable, long-lasting, odorless, flexible and soft It's a We select only reputable manufacturers who offer materials that meet all CE and health standards. Most adult doll dress manufacturers offer more than 5 different skin colors (from white to black).

Customizable chest to fit your ideal

You can choose the size and color of the areola. A gel implant chest that fai how to make sex doll thfully reproduces the real feel is also selectable. If you want to learn m dolls that talk and move ore about the difference between hollow, solid, and gel implant breasts in a doll, check out our Guide on Breasts.

Hairstyles that satisfy all tastes

The adult doll dresss listed on this page come with a removable synthetic wig by default. This wig can be removed, washed, brushed and replaced regardless of the doll's face. If you want to pursue mo real man doll for women re realism, some brands such as WM and YL also offer implant types that are applied directl silicone doll women y to the skull. This method usually requires more manual work, so production takes an average of 10 days extra.
If you have a specific hairstyle request, please let us know. We will do our best to solve you.

A human-like look

All adult doll dress eyes are handmade to faithfully reproduce the real human expression. Some brands use machine-made ones or are equipped with visible vessels.

Lifelike makeup for perfect beauty

To enhance the beauty, naturalness and realism of sexy dolls, semi-permanent makeup is applied to every adult doll dress It's. Eyeshadow, lipstick and nails will make your love doll look more realistic. Once you receive t japanese manga dolls he package, you can also touch up the makeup yourself to make it more natural and to your taste.

Customizable bikini line hair removal

All of the adult doll dresss presented in our catalog c best affordable sex doll an add pubic hair. It is also possible to choose the color and shape of its hair. If you have any special requests or requests, please do not hesita expensive love dolls te to contact us. We will do our best to fulfill all of your requests.

removable penis for shemales adult doll dress

Most of our adult doll dresss come with a TPE/silicone penis that can be turned into a shemail doll It's a With this adult doll dress Penis Insert, you will be able to attach a realistic medium penis attachment to your adult doll dress. To do this, simply remove the vaginal ins sex chat robot ert from the doll and insert the penis. This will turn your doll into a beautiful transexual doll.