Buyer Warranty Services/Real Love Doll Assistance

Each order made in is subject to the warranty service and assistant to the buyer.

What are the warranties for buyers at?

The warranty to the buyer in the case of an error in the order or a serious defect in the delivery of a love doll, promises to find solutions such as It's Assist, replace, repair real inflatable doll without additional charges:

“If the product does not comply with the description, we promise to find a solution” .

How do we guarantee order compliance?

Unlike other dealers, we visually inspect each doll ordered from the site from head to toe. We recommend that yo buy sex doll u read all the information about our quality of service: About quality control of love dolls for your order in

To maximize the risk of error, we do the following: :

Systemic quality control checks by staff taking place in workshops where our love dolls are manufactured (this ser living sex toy vice is system and is free of charge).

We also make sure your request is in line with your wishes.

We value the quality and expertise in creating dolls very much. We only cooperate with authentic and serious manufacturers to help you c lifelike silicone doll hoose the best one for you. We will not ship dolls that do not reach the quality you can be proud

How do I take advantage of the warranty fo dolls pregnant r a buyer?

As soon as you receive the doll, we will ask you to inspect it from head to toe. If you notice an error or serious defect in your order, please provide us wi sax doll price th your order number by email or mail within 48 hours. In that case, you can send high quality photos and robot sex videos to help you smoothly. If you send real life looking robots us an email, we will always reply within 48 hours. mechanical sex doll After validating the problem you have provided, we will provide you with a solution as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that if you encounter a problem, you would like to keep your doll in new condition, unused, or in its original packaging . If it is man dolls used for sexual purposes before sending it back, the return will be rejected by the system.

What is the Assistance Guarantee at?

We created its framework in 2015. Throughout that period, we have g realistic human dolls ained experience in selling, maintaining and repairing each doll we sell. Our specialists have accurate knowledge of each model and its specificity. That's why we offer this assistance serv adult doll dress cost ice to our customers. In order to receive assistance, you will need to include a photo/video in an email and provide a detailed description of the issue. Once you receive an email, cheap full body silicone dolls you will receive a reply within 48 hours.

What is it easy for us?

80% of competitors' sites are in Hong Kong. Besides the fact that we can't sexxy doll guarantee all included prices, it's true that these offshore dealers do not accept returns. Currently, products classified as sex toys cannot be returned to China. Lo celebrity blow up dolls w prices in competitors of this kind are often realized by inexpe sex doll anal rience and low level of service.
We are a legitimate company based in France, so we guarantee that we wi what is tpe rubber ll support you even if you are at home. Therefore, we have contact adult doll dress from china s with a very good level of expertise and are available throughout lifelike adult doll the day by email, online chat or phone.

What is not covered by the warranty and why?

  • There are very fine skin defects: Dole skin defects can appear in the process of unmold. Usually they are very small defects.
  • Nails are peeling: We carefully inspect your fingers and nails before shipping. Howe sex bot meaning ver, in order to avoid injury from snagging, the glue of the product is deliberately not completely done. Nails are the most vulnerable part of the life of a love doll.
  • Eyelashes stuck: Doll comes with eye protection mask to robot aex protect delicate eyelashes. If your eyelashes have been peeled off, please use glue to apply glue to your eyelashes and nails.
  • Potentially damaged: If the owner is deemed sexy dollz to have caused damage, we will not replace it with a new doll.
  • Poor handling: If the doll is damaged due to seductive doll poor handling or lack of care.
  • Dolls used for sexual purposes. Due to the nature of the product, returns are not accepted in this particular case.