less than 140CM

They may be small, but they are very cute. Introducing a collection of small adult doll dresss with customizable bodies. Here are the best bra dolls blonde nds of silicone TPE dolls that offer you the ultimate choice of adult doll dresss. When you welcome the doll, you will be amazed by her softness and realism. Each love best sexdoll doll is hand-molded to recreate the details of the human body (nipples, vaginal labia, luscious lips, amazing hair, etc.). By purchasing adult doll dresss in our store, you silicone male love doll can get a doll that meets your expectations in terms of beauty, material, quality and of course price. Our team of experts is known for its quick response and will provide support doll maker sex both in your buying process and after ordering a real and presentable love doll.

less than 140CM

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Showing 1 to 11 items

We can say that we are the main members of the adult doll dress industry. Since 2015, we have established partnerships with more than 20 brands and aim to provide the best products in the current market. Each manufact real life man doll urer is just a selection of elite based on its reputation and know-how. The US TDF Forum is used as an excellent indicator to clearly demonstrate the professional dolls mini ism of love doll manufacturers. In our catalog we only list high quality love dolls that are durable and long lasting. The life of this doll largely depends not only on the sexs dolls materials used for the body, skin and skeleton, but also on how the model is car sexy adult doll dresss ed for, including its maintenance in use.

On this page, you can find TPE/Silicone Real Love Doll bodies under 140cm tall. A small body with a sensual figure is very popular for the following reasons: :

  • - light
  • - Easy to manage
  • - Easy to store
  • - Easy to move

If the weight and storage of the love doll is a challe best real life dolls nge for you, purchase this real sex bust should be an addition to your choice would be To grab a more specific image, please refer to the Real Sex Bust category page.

Design your mini sex doll in just a few clicks

Each doll presented here is made using a unique mold. All of the torso adult doll dress se can be customized in a variety of ways to suit your chosen wishes.

The body to introduce, almost without exception, can be selected:

  • - Face and features (hairstyle, skin, eyes)
  • - Body and physical features (skin color, vaginal type, pubic hair, etc.)

All the details of customization are created by hand by artists who are famous for their attentiveness and accuracy. As for the f big tit sex doll ace, it is carefully made without a trace from the eyelashes to the contour of the lips. Manicure and pedicure are similar. Each nail is glued by hand, depending o full body silicone dolls n the chosen color.


Once molded, assembled, and the doll is completed, the mini size love doll with adult feminine loo silicone doll se curves will provide final quality con real sex doll sex trol Proceed to the process. Every doll you buy in our love doll store will have to go through this rigorous check. We will not ship the item after all dolls have been inspected by the team. After inspection and go-ahead, each mini doll will be packed in a reinforced, discreet package. Then the delivery will be taken over by our ship half sex doll ping team and will deliver the doll to your doorstep within 20-30 days.