Silicone TPE Love Doll - Instructions

Prerequisites for using Silicon TPE Love Doll.

All dolls sold in are made of silicone/TPE with metal skeleton. TPE is a smooth, soft, resilient and environmentally friendly material. TPE dolls can handle 330 lbs (150kg) of pressure and c sex simulator free mobile an be twisted within certain limits (real human range of motion). TPE is hypoallergenic and does not harm human skin and environment. sexsimulator got The TPE used supports the doll to take different poses. However, we recommend that anime body doll you do not leave the doll in an unstable position for a long time. In that case, silicon can deform ov adult doll dresss video er time. Avoid excessive stretching over a long period of time. After use, you need to st tpe vs silicone ore the doll in its original posture (hand facing down).
TPE dolls are created using standard manufacturing proce real size doll dures. : The skeleton is mounted and placed in a specific position. Various supports are installe tpe ou pvc d during the injection process. In doing so, it is n adult doll dresss price ecessary to drill several holes, which are not considered defects in manufacturing.

TPE Realistic sex doll

Recommendations for the use of silicone TPE Love Doll.

1. Avoid contact with clothes with Velcro or Velcro.
2. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight (accelerate TPE aging)
3. Avoid contact with sharp objects.
4. Avoid kneading with excessive force.
5. Avoid using it in poor quality or new clothes. There is a risk of getting dirty on the doll. It is recommended to test your clothes before use.
6.Avoid clothing that may over-tighten the TPE.
7. Do not bend the doll vigorously or place it at an unrealistic a broken doll outfit ngle. The joints of the skeleton have their limitations.
8. If the TPE is wrinkled (due to pressure), use a towel.
9. Clean the doll regularly. Clean once or twice a month and after each use.
10. Avoid using perfume, soap, disinfectants, acids, etc. Doll texture and skin color may change.
11. Avoid contact with nails that can affect or scratch the surface of the TPE.
12. After cleaning, once the doll is dry, we recommend using talc.
13. Avoid boiling water/water, do not use a hair dryer (it is recommended to dry gently with a towel).
14. TPE adhesive can be used to repair small crevices of silicone. If TPE silicone is under tension, do realdoll 2021 not apply it, wait 30 minutes before repairing it.
15. TPE is a resilient material. Pay attention to the deformation due to prolonged unreasonable posture.
16. Be careful if you are prone to allergies.
17. For safe and hygienic use, it is recommended to use condo mini adult doll dresss ms.
18. Do not carry the doll under your armpit or carry it (there is a risk of tPE breaking)

If you have any problems while using the silicone TPE doll, please feel free to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you. The Store is not re anatomically correct sex dolls sponsible for any use that does not comply with the terms and conditions described in this document. love dolls for sale