SEDoll is the newest sex doll brand on the market. The b do adult doll dresss feel real ody of models of this brand can be customized with just a click. Choose from a multitu real love doll de of faces and an abundance of options to get a unique product just for you. The manufacturer SE DOLL now enjoys a very high reputation in the love doll market. They are famous for producing hig adult size dolls h quality TPE Love Dolls with years of experience and know-how. This manufacturer is currently one of the most active manufacturers, selling new faces and bodies every week. We re bbw adult doll dress commend that you check our catalog regularly, as you may get multiple novelties every week. SE DOLL uses M16 fixing sleeves, just like many TPE doll manufacturers. Therefore, it is c asian sex toy ompatible with the face of most other br sex doll shop ands. Please contact us for more information.


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SEDoll Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the body of TpeseDoll

Warm soapy water is effective for cleaning the skin of the Sedoll model. To dry, use a soft, smooth synthetic fabric. After washing and drying, it is real silicone dolls recommended to apply talcum to the skin. This ensures that your TPE will stay in condition for years when you arrive. Note: Faded clothing dyes, etc., can only be removed by using a special TPE stain remover.

Can Sedoll be used in the back?

good news! As you wish, this love doll can also be used in the back position. However, in this position, it is recommended not to place it directly on the ground, but on a soft one. The knees and elbows are fra life size human dolls gile joints, so you need to design the supports accordingly (pillows, mattresses, etc.)

How do I maintain my love doll wig?

This theme is covered in a special guide on wigs. Please read by all means before use

Can I apply makeup to TPE dolls?

Yes, it is advisable to make up the doll because it is possible and it will make the model's personality more pr doll anime ominent. Note: Real TPE Sedoll models come with a natural, semi-permanent makeup. Small modifications can make the model better and give even more individuality.

Is the Sedoll brand a trusted brand?

Of course. It has been featured as a reputable manufacturer in American Doll Forum (Doll Owner Community Reference). Each model has an anti-counterfeiting code that proves its reliability.

Is the Sedoll skeleton of high quality?

Again, the answer is undeniably yes. Sedoll's articulated metal skeleton is the most advanced EVO. You can reproduce all the realistic poses and movements that humans can take.

Can I use gel-like lubricants?

Gel lubricants are recommended for a realistic insertion sensation. Only water-based lubricants can be used on Sedoll's TPE dolls.

Do you have any storage tips?

It is recommended to use vertical storage suspended in cabinets, horizontal storage with original p simulator sex android ackaging, storage cases and storage benches for flights. It should be stored so that dust and ultraviolet rays do not hit. It is recommended to ensure that SEDOLL sex doll skin is not too compressed during short-term storage. To prevent clothes from fading, it is recommended to store them comp adult doll japan letely naked.

How to repair small tearing of TPE?

If the skin of SEDoll adult doll dress has been scratched or cut, special TPE glue can be used adult doll dress x review to repair it well It's a After gluing best real life dolls and drying for 30 minutes, you can restore the TPE to its original state. Be sure to clean it well before gluing.

How much is the life of the sedoll love doll?

Sedoll's love dolls can be used for about 5 to 10 years, with great care. Please note that dolls that use too much or move too much will be adult doll dress site prone to wear and tear. Take advantage of our maintenance guide to extend the sex with doll videos life even a little.