Are you looking for silicone dolls? Drown in the charm of top-notch Piper Doll... we have carefully selected all the best manufacturers on the market and among them as a trusted brand of Piper I chose Dollar. EVO skeleton, gel-breasted bust, impe family sex simulator apk ccable finish, and its top-notch silicone make PiperDoll silicone model number one in silicone adult doll dress It would be good too. The TPE series allows you to cust sexual dolls omize the silicone Piper Doll to your liking. You can choose white, pink, tanned skin. This doll is su adult doll japan re to please the community of doll owners who want to buy customized silicone love dolls without spending a large amount of money.


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The manufacturer Piper Doll sells silicone molded dolls. The brand, which is also very popular in Japan, is widely expor sex doll 3 ted outside Asia. If you are an attentive person, you are probably wondering about the similarity of Silicon Love Dolls from Piper Doll, DH168, real looking dolls for adults and Doll 4ever. In fact, all these three brands of love dolls are produced by the same manufacturer, but the place family sex simulator apk of manufacture is divided into three places. That's why japan love dolls customization options are common between the three locations.

Silicone doll with unique options

Piper Doll silicone dolls feature a unique, reinforced standar full body sex dolls d skeleton. The articulated metal frame allows the silicone doll to sit on the butt or take a squatting pose with its legs in a W shape. Therefore, the poses that can be taken are endless, and are perfect for people with great attention. The thighs can also be bent at a wider angle. Platinum silicon used in molding is one of the best materials on the market.

What we think about silicone dolls

The following are the characteristics of Piper Doll silicone dolls. :

  • - Head attached to the body (please note that oral se pleasure doll x is not possible in the silicone version) real sezx
  • - Pull-pull gel-breasted implants supplied with standard
  • - EVO skeleton that allows you to take multiple realistic poses
  • - Wrist, ankle and heel reinforcement options
  • - 3 metal screws invisible standing option under foot

The texture in the vagina is also one of our pride. This insert (like an anal opening) is very soft. It was designed and made by adult doll dress experts for insertion pleasure. Its insertion feeling is surprisingly natural and very realistic. By using water-based lotions, you can reproduce your actions with real women.

Note: Piper Doll's Love Doll is molded in 1 piece. Its head cannot be replaced. The head cannot be replaced or removed. Therefore, it is not sexy doll possible to store it in narrow cabinets. It is recommended to purchase flight cases, storage cases, benches or use protective shippi doll for adults ng packages.

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