YOURDOLL is a brand that is now cited as one of the best manufacturers of life-size sex dolls. Multiple body shapes make it how adult doll dresss are made possible to choose from a wide variety of faces. The advantage of YOURDOLL's love doll is undoubtedly its high quality and presentable beauty. Everything is finely designed to capture femini inexpensive love dolls nity. By choosing each of the options to your liking, you can create just a unique model, having recr dolls blonde eated your ideal woman. We offer fast delivery in neutral package to anime sex online avoid barrels.


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Maker YlDoll in a nutshell

YlDoll is a life-size love doll brand that manufactures models at the same production love doll germany site as adult love doll. YL's love dolls are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). This material is born from a specific quality love dolls formula and is able to reproduce the feel of human skin. YlDoll's TPE properties (elasticity, suppleness, texture, softness) are the the doll com same as those of the brotherhood, adult love doll.

Every YlDoll (aka Yourdoll) love doll comes with a removable and replaceable head It's a You can combine the face of the three Jinsan companies (OrDoll, YldRoll, adult love doll) with the body without any problems or discomfort. The fixing sleeve is a clip-on M16 standard connector. The products of these three subsidiary brands are the same skin color.

Very fine customization

Just like the head, you can replace your eyes and wigs. More than 16 wigs and 8 sex simulator full different eye and skin colors to choose from, make your doll unique. Choosing the hair of implants embedded in the skull, you will be able to choose the length and color of the h life size silicone doll air. There is a disadvantage that the mouth insert can not be attached, but if you agree with it, you can abyss sex dolls choose the one you like: blondes, brunettes and redheads.

You have the same customization options available as competing adult love doll. All of these options are described in detail in our article on customizing YlDoll Love Dolls. Check out our blog post, the best source for beginners.

If you trust Yourdoll and are determined to customize your doll, you can choose the following options It& realdoll silicone #39;s a :

  • - skin color
  • - eye color
  • - hairstyle
  • - Pedicure and manicure styles
  • - Size and color of nipples and areola
  • - the color of the labia of the vagina
  • - type of vagina (inserted or equipped)
  • - presence or absence of hair removal in the bikini line
  • - Whether or not ankle reinforcement for the doll to stand on its own

Options such as realistic body makeup, gel implant breasts, body temperature function, and panting voice/voice modules are essential for those who want the same real companion dolls ism as real.

Sex Doll Model Preferences, Budget Choices

The list of bodies signed by the manufacturer YlDoll is given below. We offer not only sex bust with large breasts, but also models of adult doll dress seoul korea sex s ranging from 4.4 feet (135 cm) to 5.6 feet (170 cm) tall. No matter what you buy, the price will never exceed $2,500. YlDoll Dutch Wife comes with the product's unique anti-counterfeiting code. If you would like to see some scenarios for the Yourdoll model, you can t china doll nude photos ake a picture of YlDoll Love Doll here.

Fans of manga, elves, anime love dolls, sensual breasts, BDSM, and gothic style sex robots 2014 s are sure to suit their liking will be able to find it! YlDoll photographers cover all genres and fantasies.
Please note that at the end of 2020, YlDoll launched a hybrid model (with Rinia silicone head).

Insert for pleasure and orgasm

Every YL face can have an option with a tongue. This tongue makes kis android adult doll dress ses and blowjobs even more sensational and realistic. This tongue is attached to the mouth and is as soft and mobile as real. Throats are as real as well.
The breast of gel implants moves like a real human being, faithfully recreating its density and tactile sensations. I think that the feeling of the breast of the love doll can be fully enjoyed by those who like breasts. When you close your eyes, it's real enough to be mistaken for the real thing japanese love dolls for sale . Her vagina and anus are manufactured according to adult love doll's unique standards t half body love doll o create natural and realistic pleasures. Come on, there's no reason to lose yo girls with sex dolls ur purchase anymore. Browse our catalog of Yourdoll models to find your favorite android sex dolls models. There is no risk to buy this product that combines both premium love doll quality and realism.