The Doll Forever team designs and develops luxurious adult doll dresss with guaranteed quality in terms of m rent a adult doll dress aterial, realism and aesthetic appearance. Although the adul young sex doll t adult doll dress market is still inexperienced, DOLL FOREVER boasts very high technical expertise, methods, and ability to use the best TPE material on the market. Its metal skel ai realdoll eton provides excellent maneuverability and stab sex inflatable doll ility to all of the models in question. Thorough manageme silicone male sex dolls nt of the entire production line, Doll Forever chose not to externalize to maintain management quality. The d sex robot buy ifferent types of bodies offered by DOLLFOREVER are:


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Showing 1 to 9 items of 9

Doll Forever's adult doll dress is molded with TPE to f realdoll sale aithfully reproduce the real human physique, charisma and charm. Many of our customers buy Doll Forever (Doll 4ever) adult doll dresss for sexual use or sex dolls vagina as a model for photography It's Their faces and silhouettes are finished to satisfy cosplay fans. Wear your love doll with a sexy costume and cosplay wig, and you will be enveloped in a magical atmosphere that is perfect for Japanese lifestyle would be

Meticulously manufactured

The process of manufacturing Doll Forever love dolls is divided into three main steps: :

  • - Assembly of a framework that acts as an articula silicone love dolls manufacturer ted skeleton
  • - Composition of TPE (blend derived from silicon)
  • - Pour the TPE into the manufacturing mold (the mold is modeled using 3D technology in advance)

Doll Forever dolls made by TPE are the best in the market. The product faithfully recreates the skin of women with its texture, flexibility and softness. The TPE used is also glued to the skeleton without gaps, minimizing the risk silicone doll from japan of tearing.

This metal skeleton is not one with the skin. This is the big difference between counterfeit dolls and real dolls. With this method, there is no risk of contact with metal surfaces during sexual intercourse, everyt tpe safety hing is designed for ease of use and optimal safety.

Some low price love dolls do not come wit synthetic life size dolls h safety guarantees like ours. Every week we are contacted by custom sex simulator android online ers who are unhappy with unscrupulous sellers selling pirated doll4ever dolls. That's why we made the insert completely independent and never come into contact with m anime doll love etal parts so that our customers can rest assured.

Fine details to make real women

When molding is completed, many trade secrets are hidden in terms of finishing and makeup. This step is performed by craftsmen who require delicacy and are always able to pay close attention (often women who buy real sex doll are very familiar with presentable beauty and realism).

At the final stage, there are: :

  • Clean up irregularities, burrs and extra TPE (using crooked scissors)
  • Realistic body makeup (especially the color of the labia and areola of the vagina), performed using special paints
  • Semi-permanent makeup (lips, eye contour, eyebrow color, etc.), applied with a brush on free sex player the face

When you finish this meticulous work, the adult doll dress will look just like a real woman. Because the skin is human, it is difficult to say if it is a replica or love doll demo a real woman when you close your eyes and touch it.

This manual process takes tens of hours. This is why the price is far above the price of old- fake male sex toy fashioned puffy dolls. Production time is 2-3 weeks after order. After that, your love doll life size dolls for sale will be delivered to you so that you never get it off.