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Showing 1 to 8 items of 8

This large TPE/silicone love doll is just one thing you want. It's about seducing you in a sexy pose in the living room or bedroom of your home. Like the most beautiful woman d sexdoll com ecorating the cover of a magazine, this japanimation doll kimmi small life-size love doll from 170cm to 179cm has soft sk the best sex doll in, charisma, beauty, realistic cleavage, articulated body, and three places It has everything th love dolls japan at a real woman has, including a faithfully reproduced insert. If you simply blindfold, hyper realistic love doll then the difference between the vagina of the real love dole and the vagina of a real woman is di perfect woman doll fficult to distinguish. Dolls are individually manufactured accord adult doll dresss usa ing to your preference and are carefully inspected before they are delivered to your home. If you want to pick it up yours realistic silicone sex doll elf instead of receiving it at home, there's no prob busty sex doll lem. You can also pick up your package directly from a relay partner (Alpes-Maritim region) or your nearest FedEx center. Lowest price in large love doll industry!

First, select your favorite body shape and create a love doll from 170cm to 179 cm tall from here. On this page you can see slender female bodies wi robots doll th balanced proportions, loose curves, s life like doll upple muscles, and even unusual physical features. The price shown on each body displ doll maker sexy ay includes the body and face. You can narrow down your choices by filtering the desired price range. Each body has a different size, weight, and price. Our selection filters are use male doll with penis ful for narrowing models according to specifications.

Most of the options for this new generation joint doll are available for purchase. Additional char sexy dolls ges may apply for some items. In this case, under the option you will see the amount in euros.

From our French Love Doll store, we offer free shipping anywhere in Japan.

A dedicated service that guides you before and after purchase.

The only customer service and support available in the world before, during, and after the purchase of love dolls. It's just our company. In addition, we have launched a discarding - take-over and recycling service to help customers who want to destroy lost love dolls. Thi love dolls europe s service allows us to support you, at the end of the life of your lovely partner. For those who say that th love and doll rowing love dolls into trash cans and recycling centers resource storage is painful... it's good news! We fully understand your feelings and can now offer you the solution you need.

Not only from the technical side, but also from various tpe sex doll aspects, we have gained rich experience in 5 years. Thanks to this experience, we have been able to address and solve many scenarios, challenges, and requests. That's why we can answer all your questio love doll episode 1 ns and satisfy your request for support. Feel free to contact : Above all, we want to share our passion for love dolls.

Give you an exciting, sensual, dreamy experience

Breast cup size, height, hair color, eye color, pubic hair, face type, skin colo talking sex dolls r, skin texture, tattoo, nail, etc, make the doll a unique doll male real life dolls just for you The choices are endless. Each order is strictly inspected before shipping. If you are sa doll love tisfied with the finish, we will not ship real love dolls. We offer you a dreamy, exciting, enchanting, real and sensual experience... ready?

Details of doll customization options.

Head and body: When choosing a head and body, it is better to choose the same brand. Most brands use stand amazing sex doll ard compatible connectors (M16 sleeves), but there may be slight differences betwe lumi doll shop en face and body skin. That's why we offer the same brand of faces for each body of Love Doll. You can choose your favorite eye color and wig style.

Mouth: In most cases it can also be inserted into the mouth. If i japanese manga dolls t is insertable, it has a realistic texture and bumpy texture to make it close to t realistic silicone doll he real feel. With adult love dolls, YlDoll, Sedoll and more, you can enjoy even more realistic love doll kisses and oral sex by adding a built-in so mi adult doll dress ft tongue It's

Body: The price of the model depends on the type and brand of the body. Each doll has a different size, weight, and curve. Try to choose the body that you love sincer sex simulator for phone ely and that fits your ideal figure.

Skeleton: Each brand uses the latest metal skeleton. Adjustments can be made at your discretion, for example, a shoulder shrug pose. In both cases, the adult doll dress can take a pose that realistic black sex dolls can be taken by real humans.

Vagina: You can choose from two choices. Perfect for those looking for real human realism, there are built-in molded vaginal and removable insert types for easy m male sex doll gay aintenance. The insert type allows for easy and fine cleaning without worrying about the body of the love doll blowjob dolls . You can take the vagina to the washbasin, clean every corner and insert it as you like. It is also easy to replace inserts.

Feet: The standing option is highly recommended. I think you can see a metal part on the soles of your feet, at the b silicone love dolls for sale ottom, but this is a very convenient support point when handling and using. Without the ankle reinforcement option, the love doll can not stand on its own.