Visit the doll maker workshop.

Since our establishment in 2015, we regularly meet with manufacturers of TPE and Silicon Dolls listed in our catalog. Its purpose is simple. By doing so, you can improve collabora ebony sex doll tion, improve and optimize the check of each order, and not only negotiate prices with clients, but of course the custom love doll latest trends, technologies, Because you can also gain insight into the evolution of materials.

Each adult doll dress manufacturer has its own peculiarities, technical specificity, operating methods and materials that are unique to the manufacturer. That's why we spend time visiting one sexdoll wife company at a time and devoting as much time as possible to communicate with our clients.

The manufacturing method of each manufacturer is a trade secret, but in order to get to know more about the world of manufacturing love dolls, I was able to take a few photos.


Our doll skeleton and manufacturing type

Here is a picture of our skeleton (JY Doll skeleton here) and the m human robot for sale anufacturing mold of Love Doll.

Here is a picture of our skeleton (JY Doll skeleton here) and the manufacturing mold of Love Doll.

3 Here is a picture of our skeleton (JY Doll skeleton here) and the manufacturing mold of Love Doll.

Dutchwiff mold

To make the operation easier, the manufacturing type has an articulated metal skeleton. TPE, or silicone (depending on the brand) covers the internal skeleton and fits into the shape of the mold, bri best sexy doll nging life to the future love doll.

Team comment: We list only manufacturers using high quality TPE, silicone formula cyberskin sex doll tions in our catalog. This formula ensures that the doll's skin adheres to the internal skeleton and minimizes the risk of tearing. In addition, instructions are included with each order for imm love dolls for women ediate handling. The ergonomics of the skeleton and what parts of the skin are prone to damage, because it is very difficult for beginners to identify.

Prepare the doll.

After the molding process (which can take several hours), the first c solid latex love doll heck of the thighs, arms, legs, etc. of the product is carried out. Once this step is validated, the adult inflatable doll technician will perform more detailed work.

Molds of sex doll

Prepare the face.

Just like the body of your silicone doll, your future love ai sexy doll face should also be meticulous. Here are some photos that JY Doll staff skinny love doll are actually working on. :

Molds of sex doll

Molds of sex doll

Storage and warehouse management

Once the model is complete, it will be s doll cosplay tored and managed in the warehouse while waiting for quality control checks.

Molds of sex doll